Decrease Risks

Decrease Risks

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What is My Risk of . . . . ?

When you have overweight, you might have asked yourself one of the following questions:

  • What is my risk of cancer?
  • What is my risk of heart disease?
  • What is my risk of diabetes?

After all, you run an increased risk of one of these diseases being overweight. Maybe your doctor examined you. In that case you know how high your risk is.

But, if going to a doctor for some reason is not your cup of tea, it would be nice to have something checked by a physician anyway. After all: if you've got it written black on white in front of you, you'll know exactly where you stand. That's a way better wake-up call than telling yourself that you will try to lose some pounds. Whatever the reason is, it's never good to keep walking around with a questions about your health, when you're worried.

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A Risk is not a Disease

By the way: a risk is NOT a disease. Don't be afraid to do the online tests. They don't make you sick. They only show you your risks of getting a disease. And once you know your risks, you can take action to decrease them. After all: a disease is only hereditary with a very small minority of the people who suffer from cardiovascular disorders, cancer or diabetes. The main causes come from unhealthy behavior. So, while you have a big chance to decrease your risk,  you may have a small one of curing a disease.

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(Traditional Risk Analysis)

Below you see 3 buttons that will lead you to 3 different websites. On these websites you will find questionnaires drawn up by doctors. So, the questions are really relevant and it is important, that you answer them as accurately as possible. Only then will you get a pretty reliable estimate of your risk. 

Modern DNA Technology

For al those people, - and you might be one of them -, who exactly want to know what risk they have  for 28 common diseases, Futura Genetics has the perfect solution:  The DNA Collection Kit. 

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