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Make Your Own Personal Plan

Not everybody is the same. Some want to make a personal plan for their health, others don't. Some people somehow want to write these plans down. In a small notebook or on their computer. For those who want to be remembered about their plans in order not to forget them I made a simple template which you can download here below. There is nothing fancy about it. Still, it could be a nice help for those who finally want to get a healthy body.

You can fill in your goals, label them as priorities or not and what you want to do yourself to reach your goals. Fill in where and how you can get support from other people and how you are doing so far.

Very important is of course the moment you want to reach your goals. If you have all that written down on paper or in a file this works a bit like deadline, anyway less non-binding. Furthermore you can motivate yourself by filling in how you are doing. Are you happy with the result so far or is your last-week's progress reason to do better next week?

Finally you can fill in when you actually achieved your goal.

Good Luck,

Kornelis Jan

Kornelis Jan
personal plan weight loss

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