Why is Sugar Bad for You?

why is sugar bad for you

Why is Sugar Bad for You?

On the previous page we saw that sugar is bad for you. If you have seen the YouTube video "Fed Up" yet then do it now. You can buy it for a few box or rent it for even less. It is an eye-opener and a great help for everybody who wants to lose weight. You will find the trailer here.

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Five things you need to keep in mind:

  1. Everything you eat, your body breaks down into blood sugar. That is our fuel which comes into your blood stream where it is transported to all the cells in your body. In these cells it is burned 24/7 to give energy to all the processes taken place in these cells.
  2. The blood sugar in your blood stream must have a constant level of around 5.5 mmol/l.
  3. Burning body fat has the speed of a turtle. 🐢
  4. Digestion of slow carbohydrates has the speed of a bicycle. 🚲
  5.  Digestion of fast carbohydrates has rocket speed. 🚀




Two organs play a major role in this: the liver and the pancreas. They regulate the sugar level in our blood. Latest research shows that the liver plays a far more important role in this process. So if your doctor would check your blood upon diabetes, he or she will have to do both a pancreas and liver test.


In a nutshell: due to our excessive sugar consume the liver and the pancreas can't work the way they should. And one of the consequences of this is that both liver body tissue can't store blood sugar anymore. This is called: insulin resistance. The pre-stage of pre-diabetes. Once you have insulin resistance your body can't store the blood sugar and transforms it into fat. And once it is fat we will have trouble to get rid of it, simply because we have so much blood sugar in our blood. 

digestive system
US sugar consume is 180lbs/year

Sugar Consume

It may sound a bit weird to you; but we don't need sugar at all. So nothing, nada, niente, nichts. If you would stop eating sugar, you wouldn't die, you wouldn't get sick.

And although we don't need it, the annual sugar consumption by 50% of the American is 152 lbs ! Not once, but every year and you might be one of them.

When you'd stop eating sugar you would miss it in the beginning. You would notice that you want to eat something sweet after a meal, although your body just got loads of calories. This missing sugar or even craving for sugar comes from the brain. That is the "addictive element". Your brain remembers the fast carbs that digest with rocket speed. It is not used to wait a bit until the slow carbs are transformed into blood sugar. 

chart sugar consumption

What to do ?

Since fast carbs, - and sugar is one of them -, digest at rocket speed, you will feel hungry relatively short after a meal. Simply because your stomach is empty then. However, strictly speaking, you won't have to eat because your body is stuck with blood sugar, speak energy. 

Eating slow carb, high-fibre foods ensures that

  • your food will digest slowly
  • you'll get an even amount of blood sugar in your blood
  • you won't get hungry so quickly.

In the beginning your body will have to adapt but after a day or two you will be completely used to it.

If you want to get more details about the above, take a look at the video below in which Dr. Berg explains very clearly what the disadvantages of sugar consumption are.

low carb japanese food

Detailed Information by Dr. Berg.

(a must watch)


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