What are Antioxidants ?

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Nutrition science is developing rapidly and new research brings new insights to light. Had we never heard of them before, nowadays antioxidants are an integral part of our diet. But what are they and why are they so healthy?

Free Radicals

Antioxidants have everything to do with so-called free radicals. These are aggressive, harmful substances that are released during various processes in our body. In addition, many of these free radicals are released when smoking and when sitting in the sun for a long time without protection. When free radicals are not "cleared" and remain in the body in large quantities, cancer and cardiovascular diseases can occur.

Antioxidants versus Free Radicals

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Free radicals cause cell oxidation in our body. It's like rustling (also called oxidation) that attacks and eventually destroys iron. Now that you know this, it's obvious that antioxidants can neutralize the harmful effects of free radicals, at least limit them. Research shows that vitamins C, E and beta-carotene are powerful antioxidants that can counteract the oxidation process caused by free radicals. These elements are therefore very important for our health. In addition to vitamins C, E and beta-carotene, the mineral selenium and some bioflavonoid antioxidants are also found in fruits, vegetables, tea and red wine.