How many Vitamins per day is Safe ?

People often ask "How many vitamins per day is safe?" You can imagine that it's not possible to give an answer that applies to everyone. After all, an athlete needs more vitamins than someone who works at the office. The same goes for pregnant women. Besides, there is already a difference in need between men and women. And children also need a different amount of vitamins and minerals than adults.

how many vitamins per day is safe?

RDI Calculator

You will find tons and tons of tables on the internet that help you to find out how many vitamins per day you should take in. We talk about the RDI: Recommended of Reference Daily Intake. Figuring out how much you must take in is just a Sisyphean task. On this site of the US Health Department you will find a calculator that shows you within a few seconds what you should take in on vitamins every day. I recommend you to use it. It will save you a lot of time and it will keep you safe. Don't forget to come back for more valuable information.

RDI Calculator USDA


Some medications can increase or decrease the effect of vitamins. Especially when using supplements, it is wise to discuss this with your doctor.

Natural vs. Synthetic

You can classify vitamins in different ways. We've already talked about water-soluble vitamins and vitamins that dissolve in fat. Another classification is natural and synthetic. Natural vitamins, as the name suggests, occur in nature and synthetic vitamins are made, actually imitated, in a laboratory. Sometimes there is no difference in that for the body. In the past, for example, aspirin was made from willow bark, but nowadays all aspirin comes from a laboratory. Only when you can make a 100% identical laboratory variant, the body will see no difference and absorb the active ingredient in the same way.

The fact that this is not always the case can be seen in vitamin E. In its natural form, this vitamin is absorbed much better by the body than the synthetic version. However, sometimes there is a difference in absorption.

Last but not least: there can be big differences between one synthetic preparation and another for suppliers use different substances to produce supplements. In particular, making supplements with a long shelf life is a technique not all manufacturers have mastered yet. The result: pills that have no or reduced effect.