Since you read on the previous page about how vitamin deficiency can lead to annoying disorders, you might ask yourself "Do I need supplements?" and "Does my child need supplements?"

Let us first focus on the first question. "Should I take supplements?" If you belong to one of the following groups there is a good chance that you have a vitamin deficiency: children, the elderly, athletes, smokers, pregnant women and vegans. For these groups I definitely advise to take supplements.

do i need supplements


Our children are our greatest wealth and deserve the best of the best. And, of course, that includes a well-balanced diet. Nevertheless, there are situations in which your child should take extra vitamins and minerals through supplements. For example, children who follow a vegetarian or vegan diet need vitamin B12 supplements. This is because this vitamin is only found in animal products. it is only found in animal food. Children who suffer from celiac disease also need supplements because they have a higher risk of nutritional deficiencies. The same applies to children with a poor appetite and children who have problems taking food due to a chronic disorder. It is also advisable to prevent deficiencies with supplements in children who drink a lot of sugary drinks and have to take certain medications.

there are situations in which your child should take extra vitamins and minerals through supplements

The Elderly

When people get older they eat less and don't get the necessary nutrients. That's why they need supplements. In the elderly, the quality of the bones deteriorates and it is therefore advisable for people over 65 years old to take a vitamin D supplement when they don't ofte get outdoors. You must know that under the influence of sunlight, our body produces this vitamin itself. However, as people get older, the production of this vitamin in the body deteriorates. At the age of 20, our body produces 4x as much vitamin D as someone over 80. It is therefore advisable to take extra vitamin D in any case.

the elderly need extra vitamin D


It goes without saying that athletes need to have their vitamin balance in order. The physical exertion during exercise demands so much from the body that any deficiency will lead to lower performance. In addition to a balanced diet, the following vitamins and minerals are essential for an athlete: magnesium, sodium, vitamine B1, vitamine C, vitamine D.

athletes need magnesium sodium vitamine B1 vitamine C vitamine D


Actually, we shouldn't be talking about smokers here. Smoking is lethal. But life-threatening or not, lots of people smoke. Instead of leaving them to their fate, it is better to give them tips. Well then, a lot of cell-damaging free radicals are released while smoking. 40% more compared to non-smokers. Smokers therefore need more vitamin C.

smokers need extra vitamin c


Although it is much less common nowadays than it used to be, some children are still born with a cleft lip or even a spina bifida. To prevent this, pregnant women are advised to take folic acid. Pregnant women should also take extra vitamin D. On the one hand for their own bones and on the other hand for the formation of a healthy skeleton of the baby.

pregnant women are advised to take folic acid and vitamin D


Because vitamin B12 is only found in animal products, vegans miss this important vitamin B12 that keeps blood and nerve cells healthy. It also helps to build up DNA. Finally, B12 prevents megaloblastic anemia, a special type of anemia that causes fatigue and weakness. For this reason vegans must take vitamin B12 supplements.

vegans need extra vitamin b12

When should I take my supplements?

To make them better absorbed by the body, it is best to take fat-soluble vitamins during a hot meal. Vitamin C is also best taken during a hot meal because this vitamin stimulates iron absorption by the body. There is no specific time for B vitamins. You can take the at any moment. If you want to be sure, read the label that comes with the package. You will find all the information there.