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can i take too many vitamin

Can you take Too Much Vitamins?

We often think that good things can't hurt us. And that is certainly the case with vitamins, in particular when they are called "goodies". That's why we tend to take more of them than we are advised to do on the leaflets. Not very wise because an overdose of some vitamins can cause big problems.


I cannot accept any responsibility for events arising from the information below. So, in case you have taken an overdose and you are unsure about the side effects, or if you are already experiencing side effects, always consult your doctor !

Overdose Vitamin A

According to a study led by Kenneth J. Rothman, Dr.P.H., women should be careful with vitamin A. Too much vitamin A during pregnancy can lead to a higher risk of a child with deformities. For this reason, experts recommend eating liver during pregnancy because it contains a lot of vitamin A. In addition to pregnant women, people who are not expecting a child can also have symptoms due to an overdose of vitamin A: fatigue, muscle pain, hair loss, flaky skin, headaches, nausea and dizziness.

women should be careful with vitamin A

Overdose Vitamin B1, B2, B8, B12

These vitamins are generally non-toxic. No known harmful effects.

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Overdose Vitamin B3

Vitamin B3 excess can rarely lead to blood vessel dilation. You might start to blush, but also neck and upper chest may redden rapidly. Pretty annoying but no dangerous side effect. 

Vitamin B3 excess can rarely lead to blood vessel dilation

Overdose Vitamin B5

Because vitamin B5 is a water-soluble vitamin, everything the body does not need will be excreted through the urine. An overdose is therefore not possible. However, when vitamin B5 is taken in levels that exceed the daily upper limit, this can lead to heartburn, calcification in blood vessels, oedema, nausea, joint pain, depression, diarrhea and thus dehydration.

Overdose Vitamin B6

Although an overdose of vitamin B6 isn't possible, taking this vitamin in high levels during a longer period of time (a year or longer) this can lead to nervous system abnormalities, reduced mobility control. Other symptoms after long-term intake in high levels are extreme sensitivity to heartburn, nausea and painful, unsightly skin patches. Stopping the intake usually leads to a reduction of the side effects.

taking vitamin B6 in high levels during a longer period of time can lead to nervous system abnormalities

Overdose Vitamin C

Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is a water-soluble vitamin, which means that any excess will leave the body through the urine. As a result, kidneys can become overloaded. Another side-effect of high-level intake is both an inhibiting effect on the copper absorption, while the iron absorption is stimulated, causing an iron surplus in the body. Finally, a 3,000 mg intake will cause laxation.

Overdose Vitamin D

An overdose of vitamin D is rarely noticed. In rare cases it leads to calcium deposits in the body, loss of appetite, drowsiness, nausea and constipation.

10 minutes in sunlight is enough for our body to produces vitamin D

Folic Acid Overdose

Only in forms of supplements an overdose of folic acid is possible. A folic acid overdose can make detection of vitamin B12 more difficult. Modern technology is needed to be able to determine this deficit. Vitamin B12 deficiency can lead to damage to the nervous system.

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