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Our Responsibility

Although we might not always take responsibility for our own health we definitely have to for the health of our children. In the video below, Dr. Maya Adam - Stanford University tells us, how to protect children when it comes to food.

Like Dr. Adam noted, a good way to enhance children's awareness of good food is to grow it with them. Powerful Plants is a great way to make your children big fan of this. Just watch the video below and see how playful children can learn all about vegetables. 

The Garden -
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Powerful Plants is just fabulous for schools. Just think about how easy it is to get children enthusiastic about healthy vegetables, fruit and sustainability. On top of that, schools can make some money with Powerful Plants. If you order 100 packs of seed for $1.45 per pack and you resell it for the market price of $2.95, you'll earn $1.500. Money you can invest in potting soil, gardening tools or a greenhouse.

So, the school makes money, the children have fun while learning and after a few weeks they can take home lovely vegetables and fruit. You bet, they will be proud of their harvest.

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The Garden - 
one of the best
classrooms  around