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1. More flexibility, stronger, better posture

By doing Yoga every day you will stretch and tone your muscles. Take the "plank" for instance, a popular pose that will make both your arms, legs, shoulders and abs stronger. And don't be afraid that you are not flexible enough to do Yoga. You can practice it on every level and it is for all ages. Do it every day a few minutes and you will really feel the difference in your flexibility, even if you think right now you'd be as stiff as a bank save. Aches and pains will be alleviated because your body posture is corrected every day.

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2. yoga makes you feeling fit again

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The moment people talk about getting fit again they think about exhausting exercises. Yoga proves that you can have a total workout in a safe, holistic and peaceful way. What's the best: you can do Yoga at your own pace and even at your place.

3. weight loss

yoga privilegeofhealth

Gone are the days on which you had to do "Hot Yoga" to get rid of your extra pounds. If you practice Yoga on a daily basis your metabolism will improve. Fat burning processes will lead to weight loss. But what is even more important are the decreasing cortisol values in the bloodstream when you practice yoga. Important, because this stress hormone leads to overeating.  Yoga has a calming effect on your mind and with lower less cortisol in your bloodstream you don't feel the urge to "comfort" yourself with food every time.

4. more energy

yoga posture tree

The Tree

yoga posture cobra

The Cobra

Important to know is the fact that body, mind and breathing are always connected. This means that when one of them feels less well, the other ones will notice immediately. Think of accelerated breathing when you are nervous or get eczema when you experience stress. With yoga you can improve the connection between body, mind and breathing. With a pose called "The Tree" you wake up your main energy centers (chakras) which will boost your energy level. With a pose called "The Cobra" you will get a better breathing giving your body a huge energy circulation.

5. stress reduction

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A study published in the US Library of Medicine shows that regular practice of the three Yoga elements poses, breathing and meditation improve the heart-rate variability (HRV), meaning: due to a lower heart rate your body is able to respond to stress in a flexible way.

Another study, published in the US Library of Medicine, shows that practicing daily Yoga can reduce or even prevent insomnia completely. Poses like the forward fold or lying on your back with your feet up the wall can have a relaxing impact on your body and mind.

6. better breathing


One of the goals in Yoga is slowing down breathing by taking it all the way from the pit of your stomach to the top of your lungs. This pranayama (breathing technique) is a great tool to calm down and to feel more relaxed and balanced. The nice thing about this technique: you can do it everywhere you want at any time of the day.


7. be happier

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Adding a few yoga poses to your daily routine can make you emotionally stronger and happier. A recent study has shown that practicing regular yoga and meditation results in higher serotonin levels (the happiness hormone).

Another study suggests that the practicing yoga should be explored as a treatment for disorders with low GABA levels such as depression and anxiety disorders.


8. more mindful, more focussed

Yoga has a twin called  mindfulness . Doing Yoga exercises requires a concentration that improves your awareness of emotions and thoughts. This awareness will bring you back to the present moment where you can be happy and focused. You'll experience no rumination, no worries, no sadness, no anxiety. 

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9. think clearer

This benefit might sound a bit contradictory but doing Yoga poses and meditation, being focussed on your breath will not only calm down your mind it will give you the ability to recollect and retain more information during the rest of the day. Lower stress levels and physical tension make this possible. You some kind of reset your mind during Yoga. All the bugs are deleted and your "hard drive" gets defragmentated. You'll be able to use your mental and cognitive capabilities more efficiently. 

10. live longer


Unnecessary to mention that stress is the silent killer. The killer that raises blood pressure, speeds up your heart rate, makes you overeating and makes the step to addiction smaller. This calming cigarette, glass of wine, line of cocaine.  So nice for a short moment, devastating on the long run.

Yoga does the opposite with you: it helps you to:

  1. increase your fitness level,
  2. regulate your heart rate,
  3. reduce your stress levels and
  4. make you a happier person.

It goes without saying that this will do you good and may add valuable years to your life. A recent study shows, that the meditation element of Yoga has a reversing influence on the aging process.

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