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Is Swimming Good for You?

The short answer to that is simply "yes".
Read the reasons for that here below.
Who knows, you might become a fanatic swimmer.
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1. Swimming helps to lose weight

While swimming you use all your muscles which makes swimming one of the best kinds of exercise for losing weight. And since we are here to get rid of our extra pounds it's good to start with the calculator below, that shows you how much calories you burn when you swim.

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2. Water calms us down

During the first 9 months prior to our birth we felt the protection of water, its warm temperature and its shock absorption capacity. We constantly heard the relaxing "white noise" of our mother's bloodstream, similar to the relaxing sound of a never-ending waterfall.
A study conducted by marine biologist Wallace J. Nichols shows how areas of the brain associated with less stress and more empathy are activated when we look at nature scenes and listen to nature sounds. Even taking a shower after a stressful day has a relaxing impact on our brains.

is swimming good for you privilegeofhealth.com

2. Swimming is low impact.

While jogging or doing any other kind of intensive exercise your bones, your joints and your muscles have to endure a lot of stress. A swimmer doesn't have to deal with that. Being almost weightless in the water a swimmer can use all the muscles in his /her body while bones and joints aren't having a hard time. This is a plus for swimmers of all ages and body types,  particularly for seniors and people with arthritis. It’s one of the best ways to stay active while taking care of all parts of your body.

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3. Swimming improves strength and cardio health.

When you walk in water you feel that moderate resistance. It's not that it looks like you have to push an elephant from its place, but the resistance is there. Not for a minute or two. No, always and that builds strength which is  essential for a good health and a long life. On top of that: swimming under these resistance conditions is good for your balance, your bone health and your sleep. 

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5. Swimming trains the lungs

It won't be much of a surprise to hear that regular swimming can be linked to increased  lung capacity. Lungs are vital for our health. The better your lung condition, the better your quality of life. Healthy lungs provide all the organs with oxygen. This doesn't only mean that you'll feel less out of breath but also that all the cells in your body can function optimally. There is a "strong bond" within the "triangle" lungs, heart and kidneys. If one of them isn't functioning well, it will reflect on the other two organs. 

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6. Swimming is FUN

What is here more to say than "Swimming is FUN." It doesn't matter on what level you do it. You can be a fanatic swimmer, eager to beat your own records and train your body or you go swimming only to play in the water. You can play serious water polo or just throw a ball to each other in shallow water. Jumping from rocks or diving boards or frolic with your friends. As long as you are in motion you do something good for your body while having great FUN


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7. Swimming is very close to diving and snorkeling.

Floating in the water, free like a bird. All 3 dimensions are available for you. Doesn't matter in what position you want to be in, everything is possible. Hanging completely upside down is no problem at all. You feel like swimming in a huge aquarium among thousands and thousands of fishes.

8. Swimming reduces your risk at drowning.

Not just in countries like the Netherlands, where water is around every corner, being able to swim is very important. Every pool, lake or sea can become the last place you entered alive. So, learning to swim is

 a n  a b s o l u t e  n e c e s s i t y !

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Every child has to learn to swim as early as possible. β€‹