Indoor Exercise

indoor exercise

Exercise @home

The nice thing about doing exercise at home is that you can do it at any time you want. No set times you have to show up in a gym and you can do it under all weather conditions. Another nice thing is this: you can make it as hard as you want. You want it a bit more relaxed? No problem. You don't necessarily have to lift these 200 lbs. 

Still, if you do your exercises a few times a week at a time you choose and at a level you feel comfortable with, you will see results after a few weeks. That is the moment it's going to be great fun. You'll feel that your muscles get stronger and your body gets tighter. You won't be a model immediately perhaps but you'll see the improvement. You just have to give you some time. Perhaps a lot of time. But that isn't a bad thing.

indoor exercise

Your Result is Your Fun

See it like this: it's the result you're working on but it is the fun that you get when you get closer to your goal by the week. Never compare your shape with your final goal. Always compare it with the shape you had when you started. Make a picture of that, even when it hurts. After a few weeks, you'll be confident that your exercises will bring you a great result !


Workout @work

You have a job where you have to sit all day? And your company doesn't have a fitness facility for employees? Why don't you bring some weights to work. Put them on the floor next to your desk. Every now and then you lift them 10 times. It doesn't take much time. But before you do, discuss it with your boss. If he or she isn't happy with it, then say that you want to work on your health by eating healthy food, having a walk every day and doing some exercise. Your boss will know that healthy employees earn dollars. Sick ones only cost money and will be fired eventually. 

indoor exercise
indoor exercise


Exercise should be fun. Everything else will make you giving up after some time and that is exactly what you shouldn't do. The first thing to avoid is suffering. Feeling uncomfortable is a good signal to stop. Allowing a machine to tell you to go on although you don't feel well at all is the best way starting to hate your exercises. 

So, try to combine the time you're doing your exercises with something nice. Watching Netflix or Apple TV for instance. Please don't choose a horror series. Instead something cheerful. In this way, your brain associates your exercises with a happy feeling which makes it easier to do your exercise again and again.

indoor exercise

In case you want to purchase a treadmill, an indoor bike or an elliptical crosstrainer, please don't go for the cheap models. The internet is flooded with cheap sales opportunities. The best advise is to stay away from these so called "bargains" because they will turn out to become very expensive due to repair after repair after repair.


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