Golf way more than exercise



Golf is Way more than just Exercise

Indeed: Golf is way more than exercise. Next to the physical benefits, golf is meditation, relaxing and doing business. Below you will find more benefits of golf, the sport that is getting more and more popular around the world. In 2015,  34,011 golf courses in the world were registered, 45% of them in the United States. In the USA about 25 million people play it.

Together with the British-based R&A, the United States Golf Association (USGA) is responsible for the Rules of Golf. This USGA has about 10,000 club members and courses.

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Is Golf Expensive ?

Golf has the reputation of being extremely expensive. Only the happy view could afford this outdoor sport. Fortunately it isn't that serious although golf is absolutely more expensive than swimming. so it's time to find out what cost you're facing when you want to start playing golf. According to you must expect the following expenses:

Price for Children

Price for Adults

Equipment and Accessories

$232 - $454

$750 and up

Get Golf Ready

(5 introduction lessons)


Youth Golf Camp

$200 - $595

$100 - $150 / year

$100 - $150 / year

Playing Golf

$500 - $2,000

depending on frequency and location

$500 - $2,000

depending on frequency and location

Estimated total costs 1st year

$832 - $3,454

$1,849 to $3,349

Golf is Way more than just Exercise


So far, the costs.
What about the benefits? 


So far, the costs.
           What about the benefits? 

Golf makes you get olderer silhouette man practice net

1. Golf extends Your Lifetime

A Swedish study at the Karolinska Institute of over 300,000 golfers shows that, - on average -, they live a remarkable 5 years (!) longer than non-golfers, regardless of how old they are, what their gender or what their socio-economic status is.

Golf helps to prevent serious diseases

2. Golf helps to prevent serious diseases

Evidence shows that golf has a positive role in preventing and treating many chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disorders and diabetes.

Golf helps to get a stronger bone structure

3. Golf is a great Help against Osteoporosis.

Like dancing, climbing stairs, low-impact aerobics and elliptical training, golf is a weight bearing activity. This kind of activity has a positive effect on bone density, making them stronger. In addition, under the influence of sunlight, your body produces vitamin D, which also has a bone strengthening effect. Here you will find tips to improve your bone density.

Golf is Way more than just Exercise

Golf helps to get a stronger bone structure

4. Playing Golf burns Calories

People make jokes about Golf when it comes to burning calories. "It is a hobby for lazy people" they say. Well, let's have a look at the facts and see what you burn on the golf course. You can use the calculator below.

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Golf improves your balance

5. Golf improves your balance

When you play golf you walk a lot: for 18 holes more than 10,000 steps. You carry your golf clubs around and by hitting the ball you perfect your swing. All these repeated activities mean your muscles are gaining strength resulting in a better balance.

Golf is Way more than just Exercise

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6. Golf improves Your Focus

Because eye-hand-coordination is essential, golf teaches you accuracy, focus and concentration. But that's not all: it encourages creativity when it comes to estimating where and how far your shot will go.

golf is relaxing

7. Golf relieves stress

Being in the moment, fully concentrating on your next shot makes you forget about your worries. Your blood pressure goes down, your brain gets more oxygen. This good time with other golfers has a relaxing impact on your mental health.

Golf is Way more than just Exercise

golf makes you sleep better

8 Golf makes you Sleep Better

After a whole afternoon in nature, breathing in fresh air during an 18 hole round, you can be pretty much tired, particularly when the course is hilly. The low-impact exercise can make you feel quite drowsy. This will make you sleep like a baby. Studies showed that this better sleep comes back to you in forms of  better golfing skills.

golf is relatively safe

9. Is relatively Safe

As a 'low impact' form of activity, golf rarely causes serious injuries. However, if your body is used to no exercise whatsoever you might get issues like a golfer's elbow or lingering niggles in your shoulders.
Many of these issues can be prevented by:

  1. Warming up.
  2. Starting slowly.
  3. Strengthening your muscles.
  4. Focusing on flexibility.
  5. Building up your endurance.
  6. Lifting and carrying clubs carefully.
  7. Trying to avoid hitting objects other than the ball.
  8. Choosing proper footwear.
Golf  = sport, socializing, busines

10. Golf  = sport, socialising, business

As mentioned above, playing golf outside is relaxing. This has a noticeable effect on people's mood. Having a great time together gets pretty easy that way. People forget their worries, they enjoy being exposed to sunshine and fresh air and their physical activity has a positive impact on their well-being. This makes doing business on a golf course so wonderful because people are more in an awarding mood during golf than they are behind their desks.

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