Why is Fishing Good for You?

Fishing is a Physical Challenge

Many people, especially the ones who never went fishing, think that fishing isn't more than sitting at the river waiting for a fish to bite. Anglers know that that is far from the truth. Although fishing is relaxing it also can be exciting and quite a physical challenge. Just think about stalking rising trouts while wading in a strong mountain stream or catching a huge tuna on the open ocean.

If you are looking for a way to leave your trouble behind for a while, to stay fit and enjoy being one with nature then fishing might be something for you.

Fishing burns Calories

It's obvious; your body won't burn many calories while sitting on a shore and drinking beer. Still, fishing can be a complete workout if you want to hike to a remote lake or wade all day against a stream for a good catch. By the way; wading against a stream during four hours burns 1,000 kcal! And do not underestimate the repeatedly casting and reeling. You'll definitely feel your body at the end of a day fishing. During a morning or afternoon of fishing, you could burn from 500-1,500 calories without even realizing it.

sea fishing

Fishing stands for:

1. walking through rough terrain, over slippery rocks

2. wading against streams

3. rowing to the best fishing spot on the lake

4. getting a big (!) fish ashore. 

5. repeatedly casting and reeling.

6. breathing in fresh air.

7. enhanced vitamin D production due to sunshine on your skin.

Why fishing?

People fish for many reasons. Some do it for food or for some exercise, while others just want to be one with nature. Some people fish because they need solitary moments while others just want to have a good time outside with friends or family. And of course, let us not forget this: because of the exciting thrill while catching a fish. Especially after developing a strategy to find this huge unknown creature, everybody is talking about, but that hasn't been caught in the last 30 years. What a boost this would be for your self confidence and self esteem if you'd be the angler bringing this fish ashore!

Fishing is Relaxing

Whatever the reasons are, most anglers say that the relaxation and calmness is the most important reason why they go fishing. This has made fishing a popular therapeutic exercise for those who experienced a serious trauma in their lives, e.g. veterans, people with chronic or severe illnesses, mentally and physically abused people.

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Fishing is FUN !

family fishing

With your (grand)children for instance

Grandpa !

What do you need for fishing?

1. a license !!!!!

Fishing without a license will cost you !

Buy a fishing license here

2. fishing rod and many other things in your fishing tackle box.

Of course you have to be well equipped for fishing. But that doesn't mean that you have to get the best of the best right away before you've caught a single fish. Start with a rod and get educated in a good specialist shop or gather information about it on the internet. After fishing a few times you will discover which way of fishing you like and what you need for that.

fishing reel

3. clothing

If you want to enjoy fishing for a long time, it's important that you put on the right clothes. Standing in cold water or on a river side during a foggy early morning requires good clothing that keeps you warm and at the same time does not hinder your movements. A good fishing shop can provide you with all the information you need about good clothing for fishing.

4. bait

When it comes to food, fish are very similar to people: they only eat what they like.So you have to know what a fish likes otherwise you can wait in vain for hours before you hook a fish.
So you have to know what a fish likes, otherwise you can wait in vain for hours before you hook a fish. A good fish shop will tell you everything what bait different fish like and can provide you with the best quality of bait.

living bait

5. a boat

Of course, you don't necessarily need a boat for fishing. A bridge, riverbank or a sea pier will do fine. But if you want to have some variety in fishing spots or you desperately want to be on this beautiful isle you always see from the shore, you might be happy to have a boat. A variety of boats are on the market but the most common ones are rowing boats and kayaks.

man boat

6. information

Ask a soldier how to win a battle and he will tell you that a good strategy and preparation is crucial for victory. The same goes for fishing. If you are well- prepared for a day of fishing, you will have increased your chances of a good catch many times over. Thousands of books have been written about fishing. There is definitely one for you.

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