10 Benefits of Cycling

Taking a Bicycle Ride is good for

  1. your body,
  2. your mind,
  3. (y)our planet
  4. your wallet
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cycling makes happier

1. Cycling makes Happier

According to a study by the YMCA people, doing regular any kind of exercise, score 32 per cent higher in well-being than people who have a more static life.

The main reasons for that is: 1. the release of the hormones adrenalin and endorphin and 2. the feel good moments coming from achieving physical goals. 

Even if mental problems go beyond the occasional moments of feeling not so happy, regular exercise can be a great help to improve wellbeing. Graeme Obree, former Cycling Hour Record holder, who had suffered from depression stated: “Getting out and riding will help people suffering with depression… Without cycling, I don’t know where I would be.”

cycling makes lean

2. Cycling makes Lean

Next to important factors like enough sleep quality and eating healthy food, weight loss means: calories out must exceed calories in. As simple as that. Just find out how many calories you burn by riding a bike with the calculator below. You'll be surprised how many calories you burn depending on intensity and rider weight.

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cycling makes strong

3. Cycling makes Stronger

When it comes to weight loss cycling is way more than just burning fat: it also builds muscle. Cycle every day and you'll get firm hamstrings, glutes, quads and calves. Perhaps nice for you to know: muscle tissue isn't only leaner than fat it also burns more calories. So, the more you cycle the easier it gets to lose your extra pounds. Using a bicycle for commuting to work will bring you this benefit without "losing" time" in the gym.  🚴‍♂

4. Cyclists breath in Less Dangerous Fumes

This might be surpising: according to a study at Kings College London and Camden Council,  cyclists aren't exposed to  dangerous fumes as much as car drivers, commuters using public transportation and pedestrians! To make a long story short: the cyclist won. Just watch the short documentary below.

4. Cyclists breath in Less Dangerous Fumes

This might be surpising: according to a study at Kings College London and Camden Council,  cyclists aren't exposed to  dangerous fumes as much as car drivers, commuters using public transportation and pedestrians! To make a long story short: the cyclist won. Just watch the short documentary below.

decrease risk of serious illness

5. Cycling decreases Risk of Serious Illness

A study conducted by the University of Glasgow shows commuting by bicycle decreases the risks of developing cardiovascular disorders and cancer by 50% !

Dr. Jason Gill of the Institute of Cardiovascular and Medical Sciences commented: “Cycling all or part of the way to work was associated with substantially lower risk of adverse health outcomes.”

Low Impact Cycling causes Less Injuries

6. Low Impact Cycling causes Less Injuries

study published in the US National Library of Medicine examined the risks of injuries due to different kinds of sport activities.  Cycling appeared to be relatively safe regarding risks of injuries. Long distance runners for instance suffered 133% -144% more muscle damage than cyclists. Regarding inflammation the difference was even more significant: 256%.  Finally, the DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) was 87% higher than that of cyclists. The reason for this is the low impact character of cycling for being not weight bearing.

cycling saves time

7. Cycling saves Time

3 Scenarios

  • Leave home by car, get stuck in traffic, search for parking place, park your car, pay for parking, arrive.
  • Walk to the bus stop, wait, get annoyed for delayed bus, get on the bus and pay, accept the obligatory detour, arrive 500 yards from your destination. I other words: travel from a place you don't abide to a place you don't want to be.
  • Get on your bike, pass traffic jams effortlessly, lock your bike, arrive.
cycling makes you sleep well

8. Cycling makes you Sleep Well

If "Cycling makes happy" the opposite could be true as well. Meaning:  a less active life could logically lead to unhappiness. Scientists at University of Georgia did a research on this. They observed men and women between the age of 20 to 85 over a period of 35 years. The study's conclusion: a drop in fitness of only 2% for men and 4% for women resulted in sleeping problems.

cycling boosts brain power

9. Cycling boosts Brain Power

Just as your car starts to drive faster when you press the accelerator, your brain also gets a boost when more blood flows through it due to exercise.

According to a  study  in 2013 a cyclists’ brain blood circulation goes up by 28%, and even up to 70% in specific brain areas. Even more interesting:  after exercise the increase remained up by 40% in some areas of the brain. And that is fantastic because the blood contains all the goodies we need and keep us in good mental and physical shape.

The study concluded that it is advisable to cycle 45-60 minutes, at 75-85% of maximum ‘heart rate reserve’ during at least four times a week.

To calculate your values you can use the calculator below. See this page. for instructions how to use the heart rate zone calculator.

Disclaimer: before you follow the instructions on how to use the max heart rate calculator in practice, be sure you are physically 100% okay. In case of doubt: go to see your doctor. Privilege of time cannot accept any responsibility in case you'd run into injuries whatsoever.

Cycling Heart Rate Zone Calculator

cycling boosts your immune systeem

10. Cycling boosts Your Immune system

study observing 1000 adults up to the age of 85 and conducted by Dr. David Nieman at Appalachian State University shows that exercise has remarkable benefits on the upper respiratory system.

And in his book Lore of Running University of Cape Town Professor Tim Noakes describes how mild exercise stimulates our immune system to:

  • Release a protein called endogenous pyrogen, which increases the body’s temperature, making it more hostile to invading bugs.
  • Produce more interferon, a protein that is active against viruses.
  • Increase the activity of ‘killer’ white blood cells.

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