Climbing is Awesome

If you never have climbed you might be thinking about it after reading this page. 

Relaxation and Effort

Climbing requires a lot of strength and still; you can't do this sport without relaxing as many muscles as possible. Seems to be contradictory but it is the only way to get to the top. Of course, this is only partially true. Your muscles will also have to work very hard. The hard part is the fact that your muscles must be able to stand under constant tension. This requires training. Okay, but it also burns a lot of calories. 😀

Fast Physical Condition Improvement

Although we normally only talk about nice, light exercise, we think that climbing has a good reason to be listed here. After all, you can and should start slowly considering your condition. Nobody expects you to climb up against a wall like a monkey on your first day at the climbing gym.

Because the physical improvement goes incredibly fast we think that climbing is an awesome way to improve your physical condition and to lose weight of course ❗😊 


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Physical and Mental Benefits


Climbing is a complete workout for your body. You use all the muscles in your body in intensively.

  1. Stronger arms.

Your arms will get stronger the more you climb. Particularly the strength of your forearms will increase a LOT.

  2. Stronger shoulders. 

The shoulders are very important for climbing as this muscle group keeps you stable on the wall

   3. Stronger back and neck. 

Due to constantly looking up and down the muscles in your back and neck will get much stronger. You'll notice these muscles definitely the day after.

  4. Better cardiovascular health.

Because climbing is a low impact cardio exercise your heart rate will improve as your stamina will. This comes with a better breathing as well.

  5. More powerful thigh muscles. 

Although your leg muscles don't do most of the work your thighs will get more toned

  6. Grip strength improves.

After a few weeks of climbing you'll notice how much stronger your hand muscles have become. Take care with shaking hands. 🙂


Climbing is a perfect way to improve your cognitive abilities. On top of that  your confidence gets  a boost and subconsciously you'll learn to solve problems.

  1. Climbing relieves stress 

Climbing demands your entire focus on the moment. One split second of distraction can be fatal. In other words, you can't allow yourself to worry about your daily problems.

  2. Climbing improves perseverance

In climbing there is only one goal: the top. There is nothing in between. This requires a certain attitude you can use in daily life. Once you set a goal for yourself, you'll do what is required to achieve it.

  3. Climbing teaches you about yourself

Climbing makes you aware of the situation around you and how you deal with that. While hanging on a wall, you'll notice immediately your strengths and limits are.

  4. You'll learn to set goals.

Once you have set your goal, you still have to decide how you are going to distribute your energy on the way up.  Always with your strengths and limits in mind.

  5. You'll get more confidence.

Arriving at the top gives your self-confidence an enormous boost, which is reflected in things like speaking in public or having a job interview.


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In other words

you will change into a I-Want-Person

You will change from a
into a

I-Wish-Persons are people who wait for a Harry Potter making their wishes come true. "I wish I could reach the top". Not the real mountaineer; the one with real climbing blood in the veins. The one who says: "I want to get to the top!". The one who will eventually reach that top.

Not everybody's cup of tea.

Climbing is not for everyone. That is: climbing a mountain. For many the risks are simply to high. For those secured climbing in a climbing gym is a great alternative. Climbing in a gym is safe because you are secured with a line. You can't fall. And I tell you: it is great fun 😀.

If you would like to know whether there is a climbing gym in your town, then visit this site. You will find all the information you want to know.  For every climbing gym there is a link to its website.


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interactive map indoor climbing facilities


Bouldering is a discipline within climbing. It is for those who want to feel free hanging on a wall and don't want to be secured with a line. The only safety measure is a fall mat. For this reason the (artificial) rocks , - the boulders -, are often close to the ground. 

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