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Dancing improves your physical health

1. Dancing improves your physical health

Like any other activity dancing increases your heart rate, being a wonderful training exercise for your heart and your blood vessels. Due to a higher heart beat and increased intake of oxygen, the blood and all the goodies in in are pumped through your body supplying all your cells more intensively with all the nutrients they need. All this leads to a cardiovascular health improvement.

Dancing helps you to meet other people

2. Dancing helps you to meet other people

Of course, you can dance alone. Young children can do it for hours in front of a big mirror. Still, dancing together is much more fun. The smiles you exchange, the joy, the close proximity and the happiness you share with others when you get better at it. All this contributes to getting to know people better. You learn about their weakness, - and yours by the way -, and you notice where your partner can use a little bit of help or where you might need some help as well.  

Dancing helps to grow your self confidence

3. Dancing helps to grow your self confidence

One of the thresholds for people to start dancing is their fear to fail. "I can't dance" or "I don't feel the rhythm" or "I'm way too old and stiff for dancing". Well, if you'd keep on saying that to yourself you'll in the end find yourself watching dancing people who have a great time at parties, weddings and events.

In case you'd want to give it a try but you have a problem making the first step, why not starting to move on music between the save walls of your own home? And once you got used to move your body without feeling uncomfortable you're ready to go. Always go your own way. Don't let other people stop you from that. If you'd keep doing that, you'd never get out of the house.

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Dancing keeps your brain fit

4. Dancing keeps your brain fit

Enough sleep is one of the ways to keep your brain fit and healthy. So is dancing. A study, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, shows that getting your legs in the air on a regular basis is associated with a reduced risk of dementia by 75% !

Dancing is gentle for your body

5. Dancing is gentle for your body

Unlike running, fitness or swimming with repetitive motions the moves in dancing have a wide variety. With every movement change different muscles have to work while other ones can relax. The result: your muscles never get overstrained. 

Dancing improves your balance

6. Dancing improves your balance

Falling as a child is not such a big deal. You might have an abrasion and you might cry but after one of your parents applied a plaster on the wound life goes on as if nothing had happened. Children are incredibly resilient.

When you get older this looks quite different. According to the Center for Disease Control, each year, millions of people over 65 fall. In fact, more than one out of four older people falls each year, but less than half tell their doctor. Falling once doubles your chances of falling again.

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you don't need much

7. You don't need much

What is more to say here than "Put your favorite music on in the living and start to move"? You don't need anything more.

Well, that is when you can dance or if you just want to make free moves. It's gonna be a different story if you can't dance but would like to learn to dance. A foxtrot, a jive or a salsa perhaps. Then you take lessons in a dancing school that might be around the corner. Every city has one.

But if you don't live in a city or you would like to learn it at home with your partner, then an online dancing course would be a perfect solution.

Dancing helps you to lose weight

8. Dancing helps you to lose weight

Every exercise requires energy coming from burned calories. Use the calculator below to find out how many calories you burn only by have a great time with your dancing partner. 

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passion4dancing logo plus dance photos is an online dancing school that teaches all kinds of ballroom dancing:

American Style:
Cha Cha dance (American Style)
Rumba dance (American Style)
Swing dance (East Coast Style)
Tango dance (American Style)
Waltz dance (American Style)
Foxtrot dance (American Style)Technique & Styling dance lessons

Social Latin Club Style:
Salsa dance lessons (Club Style)
Merengue dance lessons (Club Style)
Bachata Dance Lessons (Club Style)

International Style (European Style):
Waltz International Style
Tango International Style
Foxtrot International Style
Viennese Waltz International Style
Samba International Style
Cha Cha International Style
Rumba International Style
Paso Doble - International Style
Jive International Style

More International style dances coming soon!

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