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by Tanya Zuckerbrot

The F-Factor Diet

In this new edition Tanya Zuckerbrot added must-have new recipes, diet tips, and research. The market knows many books about diets. They come and go like seasons. After more than 2 decades, the F-Factor showed it can stand the test of time. Purchase this fantastic book and discover the secret to permanent weight loss.

by Ian K. Smith, M.D.

Clean & Lean

The best selling author Dr. Ian K. Smith, M.D. known from SHRED end The Clean 20, takes the reader by the hand to real food. The reader, - practically most of us -, who forgot how good real food tastes. But there is more; since Dr. Smith is a Medical Doctor this book shows us how we can move more again, like we used to. It shows us what our body needs, how it deals with food. In this Instant New York Times Bestseller you will read much about nutrition and physiology, about intermitted fasting exercise.  In this book you will find 30 (!) real foods you can eat in endless combinations. And last but not least the book contains customized exercise plans. Not only for fit people but also for beginners.

by Dr. Alberto Villoldo

Grow a New Body is the newly revised edition of the Wall Street Journal bestseller One Spirit Medicine. In this books Dr. Alberto Villoldo goes down the opposite path that medics normally take. He starts with the onset of a physical complaint and not with its treatment. Better said; he helps you to prevent complaints, guiding you to ancient practice of transformation and healing. Since our consciousness largely determines our physical health, Dr. Villoldo describes how we can feel much better after a few days, our brain can be clearer in one week and how we can undergo a complete physical and mental transformation after six weeks. A way better approach doctors normally go. To truly heal ourselves we need to get back milleniums, to the time shamans developed recipes for complete well-being. Detoxify your brain with this precious book from Dr. Villoldo who has worked more than 25 years as a medical antropologist, and let spirit and power plant nutrition transform your health.

by J.J. Smith

Do you need a major body cleanup? Then this New York Times bestseller 10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse is a great source of information to start with. In the book you'll find recipes and tips to quickly lose weight, purify your mind and increase your energy levels with a 10-Day Body Cleanse. Your body will thank you for the delicious smoothies filled with goodies that will give you back an energy level you've dreamed of for years. In this book you will not only find more than 100 recipes for different health problems, but also shopping lists and tips to lose weight quickly and stay slim permanently.

by Dr. Jeffrey S. Bland

The Disease Delusion

There is no doubt that Western medicine is at an exceptionally high level. Nevertheless, Dr. Jeffrey Bland - co-founder of The Institute for Functional Medicine - does not go this way of healing people. Instead of treating symptoms, he sees better opportunities in tracing causes. If only because about 75% of the total health care budget is spent on chronic diseases we cannot cure. We mask them with pills and powders, despite the fact that there are countless known undesirable side-effects of these drugs often leading to even more symptoms. Although in the course of 4 generations we have become twice as old on average, diseases such as asthma, diabetes, cancer, arthritis and obesity we haven't become healthier. In his bestseller The Disease Delusion, Dr. Bland uses scientific research from Functional Medicine to underpin how we can come up with solutions for these common conditions that can affect our quality of life so negatively.

by Lucy Wolfe

The Baby Sleep Solution

No matter how sweet your baby is, if it keeps you awake all night, you may well lose your good mood from time to time. For many people, sleepless nights are downright nightmares. With adults, you can talk about the cause of their sleeping problems, but with a baby you can't. As a parent, you'll have to guess what the cause of these sleepless nights might be. In her book "The Baby Sleep Solution" Sleep Fixer Lucy Wolfe describes how you can help babies to sleep through the night by understanding their sleep cycles and by using a good balance between nutrition and sleep. In a step-by-step plan, Lucy Wolfe describes how to develop to a healthy day and night rhythm for parent and child without putting pressure on the baby. Lucy Wolfe, Ireland's most famous sleep counsellor, has helped thousands of parents around the world with her approach. By applying her dual approach of gentle support and biological timekeeping, your baby will also be able to unwind. And so will you.

by Maria Noël Groves

Body into Balance

A highly accessible natural health guide to all the major body systems and their common imbalances, with in-depth advice on how to best use herbal medicine to support and nourish each system, address chronic health issues, and help achieve optimal health.

Living a Healthy Life with Chronic Conditions

by Kate Lorig, Halsted Holman, David Sobel, Diana Laurent, Virginia González, Marion Minor

Living a Healthy Life with Chronic Conditions

Living with a chronic condition can cause problems at any time. And such moments always come when it's not convenient. How do you deal with that? That is the question the authors of Living a Healthy Life with Chronic Conditions try to answer. This book, originally based on a five-year study at Stanford University, motivates readers to increase their independence by coming up with solutions for their chronic conditions. "What kind of goals do you want to achieve?" " What decisions do you make?" and "How can you find the best means and support to achieve your goals?" Meanwhile, this book has become a source of information for both medical professionals and people suffering from a chronic condition. Although chronic pain, fatigue, depression, shortness of breath or depression cannot be cured with this book, life becomes a lot more bearable by applying the tips in it.

by Jorge Cruise

The Cruise Control Diet

Have you ever done intermittent fasting? A way of losing weight that might allow you to live longer? Then you will have noticed that it is often difficult to combine your eating rhythm with your daily lifestyle. Celebrity Trainer Jorge Trainer has reduced the usually complicated eating/non-eat rhythms of intermittent fasting to 2 nutritional zones: evening and night half fasting for 16 hours (the burn zone) and eating 8 hours during the day (boost zone). So you don't do complete fasting. You can eat so called bumper food in both zones to keep you satiated and burn fat. The latter everyone wants, the first is the reason why people usually can't keep other diets. By this simple switching between 2 nutritional zones,  you turn on your weight loss autoplioot. According to Hollywood coach and #1 New York Times bestselling author, when we eat is as important as what we eat. The timing is so important because it ensures that you not only lose your pounds but also lost forever. "The Cruise Control Diet" makes losing weight pleasant. With grocery lists, delicious recipes like Chocolate Pudding and Broccoli Cheese Soup and weekly menus you'll never have to figure out what to eat today.
With the purchase of this book you automate your diet with a lasting healthy weight as a result. With an introduction by Jason Fung M.D. and a foreword by Brooke Burke.

the eczema diet

by Karen Fisher

The Eczema Diet

Eczema is not something to joke about. In developed countries, about 20% of the population suffers from skin rashes, high secretion of dander and itching. The number for babies with eczema is even higher. Reason to take eczema seriously. In "The Eczema Diet" by Karin Fisher you will not only read scientifically substantiated information about eczema, but also methods to get rid of this terrible itch. Furthermore you will find information about the relationship between eczema and nutrition. The book comes with a special "eczema diet" accompanied by 100 delicious recipes including a shopping list.

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