am I to blame for my overweight

Am I to Blame
for my Overweight ?

In case you have too many pounds on your hips, you might  struggle with this question: "Am I to blame for my overweight?"  And people around you are more than willing to let you know that you are. Perhaps not in words, but definitely through body language.

The problem is: you must agree. After all, it is you who has eaten so much. You feel guilty. On the other hand, some people can eat all day and will never gain weight.

50 years ago obesity was absent

50 Years ago Obesity
hardly existed !

But how is it possible that so many people are overweight? 50 years ago hardly anyone was. Is it only because we have too little exercise? Did our parents really have so much more of it then? Many of them worked in an office and sat down whole day long and still, the group of people with obese was a very, very small minority.

the outcome is stunning

stunning outcome

Apparently the issue is a bit more complicated than it seems at first sight. Could there be another reason for this national problem?

Privilege of Time did research on this and the outcome is stunning: the food industry appears to be guilty for a big part, when it comes to obese.

cigarette devil

Tobacco Industry Strategy

This industry uses the same strategy the tobacco industry used in the 70s and 80s. They said: "There is no proof for smoking being linked to cancer". And for a long time they were right about that: we couldn't proof it, although we saw people dying from cancer who smoked all their lives.

Today, the food industry claims that there is no evidence of a link between processed foods / drinks and obesity. And that is true, we can't proof it although we see, that obese has become United States' worst enemy when it comes to health.

But fortunately we're not in a court room. We don't have to proof anything. We have our common sense.

the food industry makes us sick


"But you don't have to buy our products?" they say. Well, that's a little short. When you enter a supermarket, you're exposed to countless temptations from all sides. It's like all those beautifully coloured packages shouting at you: "Buy me, buy me! John, Mary, Jeannette, Gary we are delicious."

All these products are drawing your attention. This seduction is the result of a well-conceived, billion dollar marketing strategy. A strategy that makes you surrender over and over again. It is the reason why you come home with more things than you actually need.

video fed up about sugar


You want to have an impression of how the industry works? Then watch the documentary FED UP on YouTube. You can buy this video for only a few bucks or for rent for even less. A joke,  considering the fact that you will have benefit from it for the rest of your life. Still, if you first want to get an impression, we have the trailer for you. Just click on the video below.

This Bad News is Good News

Beyond any doubt, this is bad news. But don't look at it that way. See it as a chance to use this knowledge for your own benefit. For your physical healing. See it as the first step to a healthy life. Don't let the food industry poison you anymore. Just stay with me. I'll guide you to a healthy body. Step-by-Step. Clicking on the Next-Page-Button is all you have to do.


Let us die young
as late as possible

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