March 24


By Kornelis Jan Dusseljee

March 24, 2020

Will There be Enough Food in the Future? 

We must ask ourselves: "Will there be Enough Food in the Future?" After all: according to the United Nations it is expected that in 2050 the world population has increased by 2 billion persons. Meaning by 2050 9.7 billion in 2050 will live on our planet. Next to this growing number the planet expectedly will have even more to deal will natural catastrophes like hurricanes, droughts and forest fires. 

Let's do some brainstorming to find the answer.

The sun needs to shine only 10 seconds to provide us with enough energy for a whole day

New Solar Technology

The sun needs to shine only 10 seconds to provide us with enough energy for a whole day. Globally! Unfortunately most of this energy gets lost. We can only catch a fraction of it. Not only because we don't have enough solar panels. Storage is still a problem and also the efficiency of the traditional solar cells  (17-20%) doesn't blow our mind away. The traditional solar cells? Are there special ones then? Yes, there are. The cells that are used for commercially available technologies like in space. However, the price for those cells is pretty high and they cannot be used to cover the full sunlit area.

The downside of these cells: the high price.  One solution is to concentrate sunlight on a smaller but way more efficient solar cell. There is a very simple analogy: do we put drains on the whole shower floor to collect the water? Obviously not, all the water flows towards one single drain. The same can be applied to solar energy: all the sunlight can be concentrated in one single spot, which allows to save on material costs and makes efficient solar cells affordable.

A Swiss company called Insolight developed an innovative technology that redirects sunlight coming from any direction towards the concentrator without the use of moving parts which makes it unique. The concentrator placed below stays at a fixed position and can be mounted like any traditional solar panels. High efficiency and ease of mounting are combined, which opens new perspectives for competitive solar electricity costs. The result: a 45% higher efficiency! Below you'll find a short promotional video of the company.

Water Purification

In countries with severe droughts sea water purification in form of desalination is one of the ways to get fresh water. Because this process requires a lot of energy it is very expensive. Until now that is. When prices of solar panels keep falling every year and the efficiency gets better and better purification of sea water comes within range of millions of people. Not only in the third world but also for those who live off the grid in remote or rural areas.


More Good News

But there is more good news: due to huge improvements in filtration technology, devices nowadays are capable to make fresh water, even out of polluted water. A company that makes awesome (mobile) installations for this is Cardinal Resources in Pittsburgh, PA. With these solar powered purification stations people can make fresh water out of any kind of water: sea water, polluted water and due to an automated disinfection process even contaminated water!

water in abundance

Due to solar energy and with oceans filled with water, fresh drinking will soon be available for all in abundance.

food in abundance

And if water is available in abundance the same will be the case for food. Deserts can be turned into agriculture fields. Cooling down the planet as a more than welcome side effect. 


Sundrop Farms

What you see here is a so called sundrop farm Port Augusta, Australia. For the better picture: in the middle of the desert. This solar powered farm produces 17,000,000 kg of sustainable tomatoes every year! If you want to know more about this farm, just click here.


Different Light

But there is way more! What you see here is an indoor farm. Not a green house though because there is no daylight coming in. Since every crop has its favorite color in the light spectrum, farmers can supply them with that by computerized led lights. You might think you know everything now? Well nothing is further from the truth. Watch the awesome video above and learn about the incredible coming developments in agriculture.

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