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Module 2

Pixel & Co

8 Lessons

Facebook Tools

Since Facebook started in February 2004, developers have been creating powerful marketing tools that work seamlessly with and on your website. In this module you will learn how to implement them and how to use them.

Module 3


2 Lessons

Rules & Laws

To use Facebook, you have to follow a few rules. This applies to both users and advertisers. In addition, many countries have enacted legislation that you must comply with as an entrepreneur if you want to do business in those countries. In this module you will find out what you need to know.

Module 4


6 Lessons


Advertising on Facebook requires a smart strategy. Without a well thought out plan, any success becomes a coincidence but will in most cases end in a big disappointment. A waste of money and all the effort you have invested. In this Module you will discover that a good strategy does not have to be rocket science. With logical thinking you can build a solid marketing strategy step by step.

Module 5

Your Website

5 Lessons

Landing Pages & Plugins

Your website may look nice but if you don't make money from it, it will remain a fun hobby. In this Module you will learn what to look for to create a good-converting website. Furthermore, you will discover how Facebook and your website can best "talk" to each other to make your marketing a success story. In this Module you will learn to implement several plugins in order to take advantage of flawless Facebook-Website communication.

Module 6


6 Lessons


When you advertise on Facebook you don't have to worry about whether people will find your website. Because with an increasingly sophisticated algorithm, Facebook knows how to find your customers for you. How cool is that! In this Module you will learn how to tell Facebook who your customers are. Facebook will then only show your Ads to those people who are interesting for and interested in your business.

Module 7


11 Lessons

The Ad Campaign

By now you are well prepared to create your first Advertising Campaign. Now don't believe that setting up such a Campaign is limited to creating an Ad. Forget it. A modern Campaign is a publicity process that makes people who didn't want to buy anything from you ultimately decide to do so after all. You will learn how to do this in this module and you will be amazed by the enormous sales growth that modern Ad Campaigns can make possible.

Module 8

The Numbers

4 Lessons


Your first Campaign didn't make you an instant millionaire. It doesn't have to. However, your tenth Campaign could make you very rich. And that is possible because your Campaigns get better and better for you learn from each Campaign. Facebook keeps track of all the statistics for you and in this Module you will learn how to use these statistics during ongoing and subsequent Campaigns. This way you will prevent unnecessary loss of your Advertising Budget.

But There is More



11 Lessons

Messenger, WhatsApp & Bots

We have all experienced it at one time or another: you visit a website and suddenly you are asked to start a chat. It seems like this Kelly from is a real person, but of course she is not. "Kelly" is a ChatBot, a pre-programmed conversation from which you can often get a lot of information already. If the ChatBot doesn't know the answer, it asks you to send an email or connects you to a staff member. In this module you will learn how to set up such a conversation.


Facebook Group

For Questions

Sometimes you just can't find the answer. In that case, you can fall back on the support in the Facebook Community. For a whole year, you have access to it for all your Facebook Advertising related problems that you can't figure out on your own. And who knows, maybe you can also help other members when you have the solution to their problem. The beauty of knowledge: you never lose it when you share it. 

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