Ignoring risks won't make you any healthier

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Like you might have read on the previous page: a risk is NOT a disease, okay? This can't be emphasized enough because you might be afraid to do this test which is quite normal. You might ask yourself:

"Suppose, I have a high risk?"

Well again: it is a risk, not a disease. So, since you know only the risk you have plenty of time to reducing it by changing habits in your life style. And the best way to do that is to avoid things that can cause cancer. On you will find much information about the causes and how to minimize your risk of cancer.  

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Latest Developments in Cancer Research

On the website of the American Cancer Society you will find tons of useful information about cancer. Get experts information, learn about reducing risks or read about the latest development in cancer research.

Knowing Your Risk of Cancer
might Save Your Life

Modern Technology

DNA Risk Analysis

But maybe you want entirely to be on the safe side and want to know exactly what risk you have for 28 common diseases. In this case, Futura Genetics has exactly what you need:    The DNA Collection Kit

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Let us die young
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