From Opera Singer to Internet Marketer

The older you get, the more important time becomes. Simply because you realize that your past is only getting longer and your future only gets shorter. So you ask yourself more and more: "What will I do with my remaining time?"

Now, you should know that I have been on the stage as a professional opera singer for 33 years. So I was away from home a lot and therefore missed much of the life of my wife and children. Too much, I realize now. That's why, at the age of 59, I decided to leave the stage.

I was far from wanting to retire and at the same time I wanted to be at home. So, not surprisingly, I decided to study Internet Marketing because with an online job I could stay active and still be at home.

Meanwhile I advertise for 7 Dutch companies. The 4 Campaigns I run per month for each company has already earned them a nice pile of Euros so far. And if I say so myself, I'm certainly not worse off financially.

Too often I see entrepreneurs, making too many advertising mistakes. That's why I started to write down all the steps you need to take, in order to create high converting Ad Campaigns. Meanwhile it has become a real Master Class that I sell from 2022 onwards.

Occasionally I miss the stage but I am very happy that I am now doing the work that not only earns me a good living but also allows me to be very creative.