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Many entrepreneurs experience "business pain": little meaning or growth, a lot of stress from ever-present competition, great accountability and long workdays to still finish those last orders. Simply because there is just not enough money to hire good people.

Contacts with friends suffer and even one's own family most of the times comes second. They wonder, "What am I really doing it for?" Often they realize all too well that this can't go on any longer. Fortunately, it doesn't have to be.

With the Premium Master Class Facebook Advertising, you'll learn how to get more customers. Not just this year but next year and all the years after. You'll learn how to find new ideal customers every time over and over again.

The effects are not minor:

  • increasing sales, year after year
  • more financial leeway
    - to hire qualified people to do the work for you
    - to improve and expand your services
    - for product innovation
  • less stress due to your company's success

Start the Training Today

Yes, you read it correctly: start today with the Master Class because there are no good reasons to postpone it any longer. This step-by-step training takes you by the hand, so to speak. Each time you get a small piece of information, after which you have to perform a (few) simple task(s). Each time you take a small step and you do so at your own pace. Before you notice it, you have covered a great distance with many of these small steps. In other words: before you know it, you are an accomplished marketer.

Do you still have doubts?

That is not abnormal. There are so many websites that promise everything and then fail to deliver, right? You may be thinking: "To spend a large amount of money now on a whim without being sure if it's a good investment may not be wise after all." And you know what? You're right. You shouldn't take my word for it, just like that. So feel free to read on at this website or attend one of my Webinars. They are "Live" once a week and beyond that, there are recorded Webinars that you can watch back.

Of course, you can try out the Master Class and do so with the $5 Trial that gives you 5 days of full access to Module #1.

Why work with my method?

  • Clear explanations in a step-by-step method
  • You decide how fast you learn,
  • No videos that you constantly have to stop because your tutor speaks at light speed,
  • Learning by doing,
  • Structured training,
  • Much attention to preparation for and analysis of the Ad Campaigns
  • Separate modules on Marketing
  • Chatbot training


You don't have to be a 4-star general to develop a strategy. Anyone can with logical thinking. In the "Strategy" module, you will learn which strategy works best for you and your company.

Creative Process

Creating Ads is the creative part of any Campaign. This is where you decide which images and or videos will best complement your Ad copy. What to pay attention to in this process you will learn in the Module "Advertising".

Targeting the Market

Who is your customer and how can you best reach this person? In the module "Audiences" you will learn how to take advantage of the huge Facebook database to find your ideal customer as quickly as possible.

From Local Bicycle Shop to Nation Wide Operating Mobility Center



From Local Bicycle Shop to Nation Wide Operating Mobility Center

The smiling man on the right is Edwin and he owns a local bicycle shop in the Netherlands. As you can see, Edwin is happy because he managed to transform his shop into a nation wide selling Mobility Center. Cool name, huh?

How he did it? Well, Edwin and his team worked hard and I advertise for him. I can say, we are a good business match. Edwin was my very first customer. Meanwhile Edwin writes 6 digit numbers. Tendency: increasing. No wonder, Edwin can smile.

The smiling man on the right is Edwin and he owns a local bicycle shop in the Netherlands. As you can see, Edwin is happy because he managed to transform his shop into a nation wide selling Mobility Center. Cool name, huh?

How he did it? Well, Edwin and his team worked hard and I advertise for him. I can say, we are a good business match. Edwin was my very first customer. Meanwhile Edwin writes 6 digit numbers and the 7th is approaching. No wonder, Edwin can smile.

Base the success of your Facebook marketing on Proven Campaign Techniques and Strategies rather than on luck and chance.

Facebook can't help you with this, because Facebook's customer service has been reduced to a minimum.

Learn all about the latest techniques to increase your sales with Facebook marketing. Let me help you step by step with my Premium Master Class Facebook Advertising.

Why Privilege of Time?

It is wonderful to see the enormous impact Facebook can have on the business results of companies. Especially self-employed people and SMEs benefit from the power of Facebook.

Besides helping entrepreneurs to get the most out of their Facebook marketing with my Master Class, I also apply my teaching to my own Campaigns. Only when a certain technique has helped me, I add it to the teaching. This makes my Master Class highly practical and results-oriented.

I believe in the power of specialism, because only real skills will take you to the next level. Not only in your business but also in your life. Look, any child can set up a Facebook Ad. But setting up an online marketing strategy is a skill that very few entrepreneurs know how to do.

My passion is to help self-employed people and SMEs with my Master Class. Because these companies can make huge steps in their development and it is precisely in these companies that you will find the most driven entrepreneurs. And that makes me happy.

Believe me; when Apple earns $1,000,000,000 more in a year, no one blinks an eye. But Betty from "Betty's Biscuits" or Leo from "Leo's Landscaping" will dance when they see their sales grow by 30% a year.

Would you like to become a Betty or Leo too? Then press the button below.

What a Marketing Agency costs you

Of course, you can outsource your entire marketing. By doing so, you save yourself a lot of work. Everything is done for you and you don't have to worry about it. At least you think you do. Still, you will have to tell your advertising agency what kind of business you are. What your unique selling points are, for example. They'll want product photos of you and, if you're going for the final rate, you'll have to provide Ad copy as well. When you've delivered everything nicely they'll put it in an Ad and you'll get a fat bill for it.

In 2020, research was done into the cost of a recruitment agency for a company with an annual turnover of $450,000. The research was actually quite simple: agencies were asked to send a quote of their services. The results are below. Make sure you are properly seated before looking at the numbers below.

I am Too Old

(Excuse #1)

Kornelis Jan Dusseljee - Entrepreneur

Since I was able to learn how to sell my business online at the age of 59, I am 100% sure every entrepreneur can learn to advertise on Facebook. Especially because I wrote everything down in a Step-by-Step Master Class. If you just follow the steps, you'll be a great advertiser in no-time! Learn how easy it is to design your own Ad Campaign on Facebook. Work at your own pace and still have your business booming within a month.

I just started my Business

(Excuse #2)

Congratulations! I'll send you flowers right away to brighten up your new business. How wonderful that people are full of ideas for their business. And awesome, that they want to invest all their energy into their new "babies". 

But I have to tell you right away that, except for me and maybe a few family members, friends and acquaintances, literally no one knows that your company exists. So you will need to advertise immediately to gain exposure. Otherwise, you're not going to sell the numbers you dream about.

Advertising is expensive

(Excuse #3)

Free lunch

What shall I say? There is no such thing as a free lunch? If you own a business, you know that. Sure, you can try to get people to your website for free, by applying all the rules of SEO just right. Furthermore, you can try to get a lot of "friends" on Facebook and even more followers on Instagram. You should do that anyway but remember that friends and followers are not necessarily buyers. Most of them even aren't.

It is better to calculate yourself how much money you can make with a random investment in advertising. You can do that with the spreadsheet below. Enter your own numbers and see what return you can get.

With a $60 Ad Budget you can reach an average of 6,000 people!

What Return on Investment could a Facebook Ad get you then?

- Edit the spreadsheet with your numbers below and figure it out -
(start with your Ad Budget)

- Download the Calculator, edit the Numbers and figure it out -

(iPhone and iPad users might have to use Safari to download)

Facebook Advertising, a Gold Mine for Self-Employed and SMEs

Did you know that all over the world the most successful entrepreneurs, without big advertising budgets, owe their success, besides to hard working and expertise to Facebook marketing?

These entrepreneurs are authentic, generate a connection with their fans and sell a lot thanks to Facebook. Although not nationally established A-brands, together they are the economic backbone in every free country. How awesome is that?

Not Only Companies

Every year, schools and universities need new learners to ensure their right to exist. Here advertising on Facebook can play an important role as well.

Many schools have already come to know this method of student recruitment as a proven method of not only continuing to exist but even growing as a school / university.

Schools also frequently use Facebook Ads when filling vacancies. The algorithm ensures that only the candidates you are looking for see your Ads.

Healthcare Organizations


Healthcare is big business. Therefor every healthcare organization aims to have the best doctors and nurses. More and more hospitals but also small medical practices are using Facebook to find the best healthcare professionals.

But you need more than just outstanding staff. You also need patients. People need to know what you as a healthcare facility are good at. Only if they have full confidence in your knowledge and skills will they be willing to go to your practice and not to your competitors.